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Shanghai Disneyland will adjust its admission prices and add one pricing tier effective June 6, the company said on its website on Wednesday.

The theme park is set to have three pricing tiers, namely Regular, Peak and Peak Holiday, as it is about to enter into its third year of operation.

Regular price of admission is set at 399 yuan ($60.3), up from the current 370 yuan. Peak admission price for high-demand dates, which include summer holidays, weekends, and many of the designated holidays, is set at 575 yuan, up from 499 yuan now.

The newly-added Peak Holiday price of admission during two super peak holiday periods - Chinese New Year holiday and China National Day holiday - is set at 665 yuan.

Disney said that all tickets will continue to be date-specific and valid for admission only for the date purchased.

The Shanghai park announced last week that it’s slated to expand to include a seventh themed area, Disney Toy Story Land, by next summer, to add additional attractions and entertainment and attract more new and recurring guests.

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